Hi, my name is Buster Balloon (yes, that is my real name), and for nearly three decades I have helped clients create amazing and memorable entertainment experiences for kids and families at their special events.

  • Elementary Schools
  • Public Libraries
  • After School Programs like YMCA and Boys & Girls Club
  • Parks & Recreation Departments
  • Shopping Centers
  • Entertainment, Hotel, and Resort Properties
  • Country Clubs
  • and Many, MANY Corporate Clients
Balloon twister Buster Balloon juggling different balloon creations

“That is amazing!  Why aren’t you working for us?”

-Tony Baxter, Senior Vice President of Creative Development Walt Disney Imagineering

A Unique Entertainment Experience

amazing balloon twisting creation by Buster Balloon

Tired of twisting the same old boring balloon animals for bored lines of kids, I decided to turn my balloon twisting skills into an amazing on stage spectacle for children and families all over Southern California.

The result was, The Buster Balloon Show! It's a combination of side-splitting comedy, mind-boggling magic, loads of audience participation, and some of the most amazing balloon creations you have ever seen. The show is funny, fun, and fast-paced and has delighted family audiences all over the world (but mostly Los Angeles and Orange County).

“I just Love what you do for our Families!  They come out saying ‘My kid will always remember that!’  This is what Pearson Park Amphitheater is all about.”

-Denise Durkin, Senior Program Specialist, Pearson Park Amphitheater, Anaheim, CA

Professional Reliable Family Entertainment

children's entertainer Buster Balloon with a balloon on his noseI have performed shows in almost every type of kid friendly and family entertainment venue, and for almost every type of kid and family audience imaginable.  From public libraries, to two thousand seat amphitheaters.  From small community centers, to amazing state of the art theaters.  And from elementary school cafeterias in Los Angeles and Orange County, to the biggest shopping mall in Tokyo.

So no matter what your venue, no matter what your audience size, and no matter what crazy unexpected circumstances may arise (as they often do), you can relax knowing that you have booked an experienced, professional entertainer for your event.

In addition to all the above, I am also a snappy dresser, very polite, and one of the most punctual human beings on the planet.

“Dare I say...the best children's entertainer I have ever seen!"

-Liz Davis, Kidsguide Magazine


In addition to hundreds of schools, libraries, and city events all over Southern California, I have also performed for and worked on special projects with Nickelodeon, Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Cartoon Network, NBC Universal, Jim Henson Studios, Toyota, Toys R Us Tokyo, The Balboa Bay Club, Mesa Verde Country Club, The Jonathan Club, Montage Beverly Hills, The Anaheim Resort Marriott, One Colorado, The World Famous Magic Castle, Cirque Magique, The Hollywood Impov, Flappers Comedy Club, and I have performed at The White House on two occasions.

“A pleasure and delight having you perform here at One Colorado! Fun for kids and kids at heart.”

-McLean, One Colorado Shopping District, Pasadena, CA

Entertaining Kids Is My Specialty

smiling children watching Buster Balloon children's show

While many performers offer shows for kids and family audiences, I pride myself on being one of the few entertainers who specializes exclusively in this field.

Every one of my shows is designed specifically to entertain children, while also keeping the adults and older siblings in the audience entertained and engaged as well.

“It's not everyone who can create a monkey out of balloons while blindfolded.  Or who can twist two balloon dogs at one time!  But that barely touches on the skills of children's entertainer Buster Balloon.”

-Torrance Daily Breeze

Guaranteed FUN For The Entire Family, Guaranteed.

children's and family entertainer Buster Balloon in action

My 100% Money Back Guarantee is simple.  If your audience does not have a great time during my show, you don’t pay.  That is how confident I am that your guests will enjoy my performance.

“Thank you so much for performing at our New Year’s Eve Party!  We all had such a great time and really enjoyed your show!”

-Stacy Hoffman, Paintbox Children's Club Manager, Montage Beverly Hills

The point of all that rambling text above (aside from great SEO ranking), is this: As the person in charge of entertainment for your event or organization, you want something exciting and unique, but you also need a performer who is dependable, trusted, and reliable.

My goal is to help you accomplish all of those things.  So if you are ready to get to work on making your next event the best one yet, click that little red contact button below.

Looking forward to working with you,

Buster Balloon
Creative Genius, Balloon Twisting Savant, &
Pre-Sweetened Breakfast Cereal Connoisseur