“That is amazing!  Why aren’t you working for us?”

-Tony Baxter, Senior Vice President of Creative Development Walt Disney Imagineering

“Dare I say...the best children's entertainer I have ever seen!"

-Liz Davis, Kidsguide Magazine

“I wanted to thank you for that wonderful performance. I have been working with kids for about 6 years now and i have never seen kids as excited and happy as I did today.”

-Fairgrove Academy

“Thanks again!  The show was GREAT!  We had sooo much positive feedback from parents and children.”

-Jeff Jarrett, Rowland Heights Library

“Thank you for your truly entertaining balloon comedy program at the South Pasadena Public Library.  Our audience members were completely captivated by your blend of physical humor and silliness.  It was a rousing, rollicking great time for all.  I now see why you are one of the most highly recommended performers by the other area librarians.”

-Maida Lin Wong, South Pasadena Public Library

“We recently attended a show at the Mission Viejo Library and Civic Center.  My 2 boys and my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your show.  The combination of adult-level humor with enough action and silliness to keep the kids completely focused was great.  We go to almost all the events offered by the City, and your show was one of the best we’ve ever seen.  I will definitely be show “stalking” you, if you have any more shows in this area!  Thank you again for your great performance.”

-Tawny Lee, Bryan, Logan, & Nicholas Thompson

“Thank you for the very entertaining assemblies today. I don't think I've ever had so much wonderful feedback from students and teachers alike!  Everyone enjoyed your show, and my kids are already asking if we can see you again!”

-Lynda Diaz, Valencia PTA, Programs

“A pleasure and delight having you perform here at One Colorado!  Fun for kids and kids at heart.”

-McLean, One Colorado Shopping Plaza, Old Town Pasadena

“The kids are still talking (a year later!) about how much fun the show was and they're still in awe of the big finale!  The show was original, imaginative, and very interactive with lots of participation from the kids.  It was one of the best received Family Nights we've hosted at our school.  It was standing room only!”

-Ingrid Culbert,  Melinda Heights PTA

“The kids were mesmerized by your creations and absolutely loved your energy.  All of the schools have requested that I book shows with you for next year.”

-Michelle Jenny  ASPIRE Program Coordinator, Downey

“Thank you again for such a spectacular show!  I've been telling all the other PTAs about you and everyone else I run into too.  Everyone just loved it!  We'll definitely have you back again.”

-Shelly Bailey  Juliet Morris Elementary School

“It's not everyone who can create a monkey out of balloons while blindfolded.  Or who can twist two balloon dogs at one time!  But that barely touches on the skills of children's entertainer Buster Balloon.”

-Torrance Daily Breeze

“I have heard from so many in attendance that your show was the highlight of the event, and I could not agree more.  You are a master of your craft.”

-Bonnie Weber, Whittier Public Library

“In my 11 years as a librarian, that was the best show we have ever had.”

-Shirley Weible, Glen Avon Library

“Buster Balloon is always a favorite here at The George Nye Library!  The kids really enjoy the show and ask for him every year!  Everyone especially enjoys The Giant Whoopee Cushion of Doom (how does he do it?!)”

-Carol Burke  George Nye Library

“Buster even had the adults in fits of laughter!  It made such a memorable mark on all of our customers.  And his giant balloon trick is totally not to be missed!”

-Sarah Fung, Lane Crawford Department Stores Hong Kong

“It was such a blast having you in the store.    So visual and bright, it was perfect!”

-Michelle Finocchi, Director of Public Relations, Cynthia Rowley

“The Michelangelo of Balloons.”

-W Magazine

“We heart Buster!  My 3-year-old daughter makes up pretend Buster Balloon performances every day!”

-Jenny Williams

“Buster Balloon is one of the great novelty acts of our age.”

-Jeff McBride, The Wonderground

“Everyone loved you!  You must come back next year!”

-Donna Faircloth, John Varvatos

“I want you at MY Birthday Party!”

-Brad Garrett, Comedian

“Oh my goodness, we had the BEST time with Buster Balloon yesterday.  I was still laughing this morning over things he said and did.”

-Ms. Lois, Pomona Public Library

“This is one of those things you just have to see in person to appreciate.  If you are in a party planning situation and in need of something guaranteed to delight your guests, get Buster.  And invite me.”

-Jerry Beck of CartoonBrew.com